Tuesday, 8 January 2013

a moment to catch up

Greetings from Europe!

After a rather trying 32 hour trip to my home land, beautiful Germany, which will forever have half my heart, we have finally arrived and are well settled into life as vacationers. Spring like weather reminds me of the winters I long for during those long Canadian weeks/ months of ice and snow. 

The trip started out fine, despite an early 3am rise - amazing what excitement can do! I was probably just as thrilled as the kids to settle into my seat with a personal TV, first flight for me with one of these, too. 7 hours literally flew by (pun very much intended).

... then we arrived in London, England. Where we figured we'd eat a big, hearty dinner once we settled. We forgot how spoiled we are in North America where nothing ever closes. 9pm, London Heathrow - ghost town. It was to be a long 12 hours before we jumped on our 1 hour flight to Switzerland. Did I say 12 hour lay over? Yup. 
It wasn't fun. Not even the excitement of vacationing in Europe cured that one. 
Here we are at the beginning of the 12 hours. Where we still had some smiles left. There are no photos to document the remaining. It was ugly.
Oh, and they lost out luggage. 
But later found it after much varied info as to where it might be - Toronto, London, possibly Switzerland - and arrived at our doorstep the next day. 

Our first few days were spent with cousins, who have grown an amazing amount since we saw them last 6 years ago. 
Family is special, what can I say. I am so happy we all belong together!

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  1. Ugh, what a crummy way to start your vacation! But you guys are troopers and you got through it. Enjoy your spring-like weather while we're slipping on our frozen driveways. (No really, it snowed, then melted, then froze into a sheet of ice.)

    We look forward to hearing more of your fun there. And remind Paul to call us when he's back home and looking for company and a meal.