Sunday, 23 December 2012


So it's been a while. 

I've thought about writing and sharing my life with you on and off. At times thinking about continuing with Sprout Culinary - but knowing my life has evolved into so much more than reporting about my eating habits. 

And here I am - still the same me, yet abundantly changed, always seeing Jesus behind it all. Our life is rather busy, our home always full of life, the dog probably more spoiled with attention than most. Husband still works out of the basement, kids are thriving even though I am their primary teacher,(ha!), I continue to dig deeper in my love for all things food and kitchen, and have found, once and for all, that simple is best (for us), this time sticking to it. As you can see above, my two crazy ladies join me in creating once in a while, one more than the other, and that's OK. Cooking is therapy, after all, and all mothers need some variation of it. When we do all gather 'round, some sort of crazy tends to come out of it, like wearing swimming goggles whilst chopping onions. All three of us being of the sensitive eye type, the girls worse than I. 

I'd love for you to stick around, 'cause I've got that writing itch, and putting words to paper for an audience is far more valuable in my opinion than kept in secret.  Everyone has a story, miles we cover daily, here's a little peak into mine,

the momo miles.