Sunday, 13 January 2013


Here's the last bit of catch up... 

Paul and I spent a long weekend in Hamburg, with my gorgeous sister, Jeannette, and her amazing husband, Chris. This also marks our first full weekend away from the kids, travelling by air to our destination, and so enjoying a few days indulging in expensive food and adult conversation. 

 I was happily surprised by the large variety of adorable shops, many of them having to with kitchen and food, all of them carrying only high end quality - no dollar stores to be found, hardly anything made in China, for that matter. If you love all things Restoration Hardware, you would love Hamburg. 

 We tried almost as many varieties of beer as we did coffee.
It was fun.

Hamburg is also a city filled with history, mostly to do with its large, international harbor .  

Our last evening together was spent on a small boat, touring the vast water ways of ships coming in and out.
Truly breathtaking.  
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