Tuesday, 4 February 2014

ahem... hello

Hello ... it's certainly been a while. What was a long break from writing was never intended to be a forever thing. What can I say to catch you up without going into all the details, ones mostly of a body not functioning properly and a head so cloudy I am some days amazed I got anything done in the past few years... Needless to say, writing was far fetched. I thank you, you know who you are, for asking me often when I would write again. There were times I started, and almost instantly stopped. Lately, though, paragraphs are floating around my much clearer brain cells again. Today I decided, it is time. Not time for an in depth explanation about struggling to live within a shell of a body that wouldn't behave like one not riddled with disease or age. Today we think of going forward. Today I will show you some long awaited progress in our soon to be occupied guest room. 

When we moved in, all the walls in the house were a dull, caramel-like, sand color. I remember the hours we spent removing wall paper at the last house, and I quickly don't feel as puzzled about the choice of such a color! Bland is certainly easier to paint over than 8 layers of paper. 

We used a crisp grey which is showing up darker in the photo, as are the floors. Still, I think it looks pretty! 

My husband and I love tinkering away on little projects around the house. Usually I design and hand over the project to him. What was I thinking? Painting furniture is fun! We chose chalkboard paint here - not the Annie Sloan version - but the actual chalkboard stuff. It's cheap, durable, and I adore the texture of it. Most importantly it is not shiny in the least. I'm debating whether to add a flat urethane of some sort, or let it become almost smokey as it is filled with belongings. So far the latter wins, I can always add another coat of paint later + urethane if I decide the smokey look is too messy.

For better lighting while painting we took the shade off an old light fixture. It might just make it into the rooms' final touches, all bare and naked like that.

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