Monday, 1 April 2013

how'd that happen, anyway?

So much has happened, almost since the minute I hit "publish" for the last post, I can hardly wrap my head around it, never mind explain just how it went down. All I know is, it's very evident to me that God put the brakes on our house sale until we found this place. All those closed doors opened so quickly, I can only compare it to that last part of labouring with child, many weary hours, until the final push. Yes, I did just say that - I kind of feel like I gave birth to this house. Probably not the prettiest image, yet just like I had nothing to do with making sure cells grow and hearts form, and a baby comes to be, we did not build this house, but here it is and it's perfect and I feel like a momma in love.

A time line which only God can orchestrate:

* Sunday - March 24th Viewed country house, wondering if a small subdivision lot is truly where we are our best
*Monday - Tuesday, many good chats about our next ten years, thinking country would win this one
*Wednesday - Receive information about NASCAR race track proposal just a couple km's down the street from that gorgeous red barn
*still Wednesday - prayed about it, knew right away country was out
*Thursday - feeling discouraged and confused, but feeling renewed trust in our Shepherd
*still Thursday - up and unable to sleep... in a sleep filled daze decided to jump online to see if there just happens to be a house with everything we need and want, with a quick close since we had a sense this would bring offers, quick.. oh and new would be nice
*Friday - early - 2am, so really Thursday night, still, we find this amazing home, with everything we need and want, plus a huge yard, a very quick close, since it's empty but brand new
*Friday, day time - we run the numbers and figure out we could make this place work, call to make a viewing appointment, and drive by the house several times, feeling that sense of home I can not put to words
*Saturday - noon - walked through the house, and knew it was meant to be
*still Saturday - make a call to an interested buyer on our end, confirm a possibility for a rather quick closing

and before you know it, we are signing papers to sell our place at just $2000 under asking, draw up papers to buy the new one, turn away several other interested buyers (really, that same day), get approved by the bank, receive an accepted offer with $5000 cash for appliances which we requested (hooray, gas stove!), and celebrate Easter in a way that seems bigger this year, because we've just seen the victory of God in our lives, all because His Son went to the cross.

We sense there is a bigger purpose for this house, to not just serve our family, but more. What that looks like, I don't yet. But we are suddenly noticing a few glimpses of the whats and hows, little bits of information released to us, just at the right time.

Jesus is never late, never early, but always right on time. Some days this, if I can be honest, is a little annoying to me. But I know it's for the best, because a relationship built on trust flourishes under these circumstances.


  1. That is so exciting! You two are a testimony to the rest of us about following God's faithful leading in your lives.

    And remember that we're here if you need anything... packers, movers, a place for the kids to hang out.

  2. yay! So happy for you guys! cant wait to see it!