Tuesday, 5 February 2013

home made inspiration

Inspiration. One word which can mean so many different things. I like to think of it as the sparking of an idea, but never, ever copying or recreating what already exists. 

Home made. Another word with diverse directions. I happen to adore all things home made, whether it remains an attempt and is left behind as a fail, or daring to try something and a whole new world discovered and opening wide, quick. 

When I put my home together, in an ultimate attempt at creating welcoming warmth and coziness, yet uncluttered and a therefore calming atmosphere, I tend to look in two very different directions, resulting in a space which feels "us" and therefore, home. I suppose my European and North American roots compiled have lead me to inspiration found just there, too - first and foremost my eye wanders to anything Nordic (I have *some* Danish roots, after all). It's natural and unpretentious style is never out of date. I love the lack of color, choosing instead texture in materials from blankets and pillows to stunning woods to small hits of metals presented in a simplistic way. On the other hand, I can not in my life resist a huge leather club chair, rustic, brown, did I say huge? I love Pottery Barn. I feel welcome there. Pottery Barn inspires me to create. Or at least design, and then let Dear Husband at it with the power tools, as they still scare me enough not to attempt even picking them up. Dear Husband and I discovered we make a good team (phew, since our wedding rings have been on for over 12 years). Chatting about making furniture has been a hot topic around here for a little while, and so we finally gave it a shot. 

It's natural, rustic, big and comfy. It's our very first coffee table.

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