Monday, 4 February 2013

101 things

I felt different this time, leaving behind so much that I love, so much that takes up big chunks of my soul. I felt satisfied, not sad, grateful for a life not sparse of small moments, which do a fine job of telling the big story. I was able to wipe the tears off my cheeks with a smile underneath, a joy that comes from feeling secure and loved and well traveled. 

So when all is said and done, when memories that will last forever are closed and stored in hearts and photo albums, I have learned a new thing: Home is where today is. Because today is a good day, I don't feel the pain of missing and good-bye as deeply. Having two homes has, in the past, been hard for me. I never quite felt fully belonging to either. But now, now I see things differently. Today is home. Today I smile because I love and am loved, in two places of the world. And I am thankful, so thankful - really that's what is hard to wrap my head around - for everything that shares my todays, for everyone that walks them with me. I love you (you know who you are, all of you).

101 things, minus a few

Europe is beautiful. There's no comparison. Please go there one day and see it.

People are what's most important in life. I plan to hug you all more than I have in the past.

People are people, no matter where they are  - they get up in the morning, hope to accomplish their days work, connect with others, eat good food, and have a place that feels like their own. Europe sounds fancy, and let me assure you, it is, but even there people have their own need for normal.

Home Schooling is not equal to Alone Schooling, I felt a great appreciation for the many families I am honored to call mine during these weeks without.

Getting all school work done is not as important as staying up late laughing with aunties, as seeing the world, as learning from our surroundings and the curiosities that so very naturally enthrall.

Learning is really, really fun. Experiencing learning through living is even more fun. And that is why I love what we do.

Sisters are to be cherished amongst the most important. I have the best three of them in the world, so sorry, they are taken!

Parents don't live forever, for the next years, they are high on my priority list.

And in this new year I plan on lighting candles every day, watching a lot less TV - instead reading, talking and listening to end a day, celebrating the here and now much more often, finding new ways to connect with deeper meaning than emails or phone calls, hugging whenever the moment calls for it since a 2.5 second hug creates trust in your head and your heart for the other party involved, did you know that? So hug more often (did I mention hug more?)!

*Good-bye and see you soon*

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